Our Mission:

At Healthy Spine Chiropractic, we make sure we take care of our patients needs. We make sure our patients are educated and have a full understanding of Chiropractic and why it is so important for our overall well being.

Services Offered:

Adjustments for babies, kids, pregnant moms all the way to the elderly!

Soft tissue trigger point therapy,Heat Therapy,  Rock Taping

Why Chiropractic Care? People have reported chiropractic benefits help to improve:


                                                                                                                  Did you Know?                                                                      

                                                                           According to the American Chiropractic Association


Simple steps you can take to prevent back pain. These include:   Maintain a healthy diet and weight. Remain active—under the supervision of your doctor of chiropractic. Avoid prolonged inactivity or bed rest. Warm up or stretch before exercising or other physical activities, such as gardening. Maintain proper posture. Wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes. Sleep on a mattress of medium firmness to minimize any curve in your spine. Lift with your knees, keep the object close to your body, and do not twist when lifting. Quit smoking. Smoking impairs blood flow, resulting in oxygen and nutrient deprivation to spinal tissues. Work with your chiropractor to ensure that your workstation is ergonomically correct.